The Cimply Beautiful Project

Cimply Beautiful Project.

Cimply Cosmetics is dedicated and committed to empowering and giving back to women and young girls in The City of Detroit. Ten percent of each Cimply Cosmetics purchase goes to The Cimply Beautiful Project which collaborates with local non-profit organizations and businesses in our communities to provide head-to-toe make overs to derserving and hard working ladies.

We want to acknowledge and reward the women in our lives who constantly put others first and who help build up our community. If you know someone who fits this description, email us and let us know why she deserves a make over and what she means to you.

If you are or know of any organization that would love to partner with The Cimply Beautiful Project please fill out the Contact Us form above. And if you would like to donate directly to The Cimply Beautiful Project click the button below.

Thanks in Advance,

 -Ciarra J. Cooper

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